Flat Foot Surgery in Singapore

If you have flat feet, this means that the arch of your foot is lower than normal and the entire sole is able to touch the floor when standing. Yet, it is important to know that this is a condition that may not affect your quality of life and not every person with flat feet requires surgical treatment in Singapore. However, if you experience swelling, pain in the foot and ankle among other symptoms, flat foot reconstruction surgery is an option when you are starting to find it difficult to walk.

Common Causes of Flat Feet

The arch of the foot generally helps with shock absorption, distributing body weight evenly and providing stability for walking or running. However, with flat feet, you may make up for this lack of support by increasing your heel strike from step to step.

Also known as pes planus, flat feet can be either an inherited condition or a result of physical injury or illnesses such as diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. It can lead to pain in the legs, back, hips and other parts of the body as well as cause abnormal wear on your shoes or foot deformities like bunions.

In the case of bunions, your doctor may also suggest minimally invasive foot bunion surgery depending on the severity of the bump.   

Learn More About Flat Foot Treatment in Singapore

With flat foot reconstruction surgery, this treatment may lessen the discomfort in your lower body, provide more stability during activities and reduce the risk of injury to ligaments connecting the joints in your feet and legs. Moving forward, it is crucial to seek the advice of orthopaedic specialists to better understand if a flat foot reconstruction surgery is a suitable treatment for your condition. Book an appointment with our team at Orthofoot MD for more information today.