ACL Reconstruction for Knee Injuries in Singapore

In high-risk sports that require cutting, pivoting and jumping, the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) plays a vital role to stabilise the knee joint and keep it in place. However, this also makes it one of the more commonly injured ligaments of the knee. An ACL tear usually occurs as a result of a sudden stop, rapid change in direction or direct impact against another player. When this happens, the lower leg bone may slide forward and most would hear a “pop” in the knee.

While a range of symptoms can follow after an ACL tear, a swollen knee is usually expected after the injury. Ranging from a partial tear to a complete rupture in your anterior cruciate ligament, an orthopaedic specialist will examine your condition further and discuss the relevant treatment options with you. This may include surgery.            

When is an ACL Reconstruction Necessary?

While the swelling and pain in the knee may gradually subside without proper treatment, you may continue to feel unstable and buckle while walking. Most partial ACL tears can be treated with physical rehabilitation. However, in the case of complete tears, you may consider surgical intervention to regain the full range of motion in your knee. Getting ACL reconstruction may also be advisable should the unstable knee lead to other joint problems.

Using knee arthroscopy, the orthopaedic surgeon will remove the damaged ligament and replace it with a graft tendon. This can be obtained from another part of your knee. For ACL reconstruction in Singapore, it will usually take up to six months before an athlete may resume any sports activities.

Consult an ACL Surgeon in Singapore

At Orthofoot MD, our team specialises in orthopaedic care and will work together with you to find the appropriate treatment for your knee. If you suspect that you have an ACL tear, it is important to book an appointment and speak to your doctor immediately before the injury worsens. Get in touch with us today for more information.