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Orthofoot MD is a center that provides comprehensive care and treatment options for a wide variety of conditions affecting the lower extremities. Our team of highly trained physicians, surgeons, podiatrists, physiotherapists and staff members work closely with patients to provide the highest quality care in the comfort of a safe, conducive and therapeutic environment.

What Our Patients Say

Matthew Chow

It was by sheer luck that I was referred to Dr. Gowreeson. He was very detailed and explained the diagnosis very clearly and succinctly, making sure I understood everything. He was extremely friendly and put you very much at ease. We decided to undergo surgery for my knee and foot issues. Even my family who accompanied me for consultations were immediately confident after speaking with Dr. Gowreeson. At the operating room, Dr.Gowreeson was very professional and briefed his team very clearly before proceeding. Needless to say I am much better and highly recommend Dr. Gowreeson to anyone. Congrats on your new practice Dr. Gow!

Raji Iyer

I met Dr. Gowreeson two years ago with a toe fractured in pieces and after 2 surgeries in fixing it and later removing the plate, I would strongly recommend him as he is skillful, knowledgeable and assuring. He will be my doctor for all ortho related matters!

PY N BP Chung

Went to see Dr Gowreeson for a second opinion for my foot condition and was really happy I did. He did a thorough examination of my foot and patiently explained my condition to me. He presented the various treatment options with their pros and cons and possible costs involved. He also kindly wrote a memo to the current doctor that I am seeing to recommend further treatment option.  His professionalism, patience and kindness are reasons I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs an orthopaedic surgeon.

Amélie Marie Anne

Dr. Gowreeson Thevendran was very reassuring in his diagnostic and very clear in explaining the injury. He also understood how important it was for me to perform again at my best and ensured I had the best knowledge and understanding to recover fast. I definitely recommend seeing him before doing any kind of treatment.

Jacinta Lee

I was first introduced to Dr Gowreeson 3 years ago. Dr Gow has excellent bed side manners. The kind of Dr who makes you feel better just by talking to him! He makes one feel very comfortable with him and never rushes through his consultations. I have since referred him to many of my friends and they have all been very happy with his service.

SuperSharina World Traveler

I’m Dr. Gowreeson Thevendran’s patient. Having to see a Othopedic Specialist is never a fun thing, in my case I’m dealing with an ankle fracture. But I’m very happy that he’s my doctor 😊. He’s very knowledgeable, calm and direct, explaining things clearly and as many times as needed to make me feel comfortable.

Ram Chand

Excellent doctor who takes time to explain the issues, treatment and options. A great doctor who will lift your confidence and put you in the right path to recovery. I would very highly recommend Dr Gowreeson.

Kumarason Thangaratnam

My son (once) and I (a couple of times) had consulted Dr Gow. He is fantastic. Outstandingly bright, very hard-working and user-friendly. He is very reassuring and brilliant with details. I recently recommended a close friend to consult Dr Gow and the family were so impressed with his diagnosis and treatment plan.

Dr Gowreeson Thevendran - Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr Gowreeson Thevendran

MBChB (Bristol), MRCS.Ed, Dip. Sports Med.Ed,
FRCS.Ed ( Trauma & Ortho. ), FAMS (Singapore)


We are Devoted to your Recovery

We are committed to delivering bespoke treatment for your needs. Our values and experience are polarized by practices from all over the world, tailored and tapered for the Singaporean patient. The regular international lecturing commitments and ongoing collaborative clinical research consistently keeps a finger on the pulse of innovation. We thrive on sub-specialization as it is the only way to ensure the care is current and relevant. Yet, we delicately balance the pillars of experience and evidence based practice to deliver care that is personalized to every patient who entrusts with us.

 World class patient centered care

Every aspect of your care is coordinated by teams of experts who work together to provide personalised care suited to the needs of individual patients.

 State-of the art technical expertise

We thrive to be the best when it comes to the foot and ankle specialty.

 Evidence based practice

Specialist knowledge that pivots on the most recent evidence-based practice to enable an accurate diagnosis and optimal management.


We thrive on par-excellent communication, not just between patient and professional but also between professionals when discussing patient-care

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