Ankle Ligament and Cartilage Surgery in Singapore

Ankle sprains are a common foot injury for people of all ages, occurring to the ligaments on the outer side. This may affect the lateral calcaneofibular, anterior and posterior talofibular, or/and the anterior and posterior tibiofibular ligaments in the ankle. The signs of a sprained ankle usually include swelling, pain and limited range of ankle movement. Injuries to the ankle can be painful and debilitating. Depending on the severity of your torn ligament, you might need ankle ligament reconstruction surgery to restore the stability in your ankle.     

When Do Ankle Ligaments Need Surgery?

Should you experience persistent ankle instability even after physical rehabilitation, your doctor may suggest an ankle ligament reconstruction surgery to prevent further damage.  

During this procedure, the surgeon will usually put you under general anaesthesia prior to the surgery. Following that, he will proceed to make a small incision through the skin and muscle of your ankle. The surgeon may either shorten your ligament, remove them and re-attach your ankle using stitches. In some cases, the repair may involve a replacement with a tissue graft taken from other ligaments around your foot area.

Take note that after the surgery, you may require the support of crutches for several weeks. Recovery time will vary depending on the complexity of your ankle injury and individual physical condition.     

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Apart from your ligaments in the ankle joint, keep in mind that the pain could also be caused by a damaged cartilage. If you are experiencing ankle pain and instability, it is important to know if it is a ligament or cartilage injury. Our professional team of orthopaedic specialists can help you determine if surgery is appropriate for you and provide recommendations on how to manage your symptoms in the meantime. Get back on your feet with Orthofoot MD today. Book an appointment with us today.