Treatment for Patellar Tendonitis (Jumper’s Knee) in Singapore

Patellar tendonitis, also known as jumper’s knee, is an injury to the tendon that connects your kneecap to your shin bones. This is the same tendon that allows you to straighten your knees. This condition is characterised by inflammation of the patellar tendon, which results in pain and tenderness at the front of the knees. Swelling may be present in the area, and the pain may be especially severe when kneeling, bending or straightening your knee. Jumping, running and walking will also be affected. If left untreated, tears may occur in your tendon.

What Causes Patellar Tendonitis?

Patellar tendonitis is an overuse injury of the knee joint commonly experienced by people who frequently engage in activities that result in high impact to the knee area, such as frequent squatting or jumping on hard surfaces. Athletes involved in sports such as basketball and volleyball are especially susceptible to this condition due to the strain these sports place on the knees.

Other causes of patellar tendonitis include structural abnormalities in the lower limbs, such as having flat feet or weak gluteal muscles. Patellar tendonitis is a common comorbidity with other orthopaedic conditions. Your orthopaedic specialist will usually diagnose this condition based on your symptoms and a physical examination. An x-ray, ultrasound or other medical imaging technology may be needed to clarify the severity of your condition. 

Get Your Patellar Tendonitis Treated in Singapore Today

Possible treatments for patellar tendonitis include knee strapping to reduce pain, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory injections or medicines, physiotherapy to manage the pain and inflammation or orthotics to support structural problems like flat feet. Ultimately, it is best to stop all activity that may be causing your patellar tendon to degenerate until the injury is healed. Our orthopaedic specialists in Singapore will be able to help diagnose your condition and suggest a suitable treatment plan to manage your knee pain. Book an appointment with Orthofoot MD today to get on the road to recovery.