Hammer Toe & Claw Toe Treatment in Singapore

Hammer and claw toes are toe deformities characterised by toes that are bent in an odd position. A hammer toe curls downward at the middle joint and usually occurs at the second or third toe. On the other hand, a claw toe is characterised by toes bent into a claw-like position and can affect multiple toes simultaneously.

In most cases, hammer and claw toes can cause severe pain and the development of calluses or corns resulting from consistent rubbing against ill-fitting footwear. In more severe cases, you may also find it hard to walk and maintain your balance.

Common Causes of Hammer & Claw Toes

The most common cause of hammer and claw toes is the long term usage of ill-fitting shoes. Wearing overly tight footwear can cause your toes to stay in an unnatural bent position for too long, tightening your muscles and shortening your tendons. Over time, you might find it difficult to straighten the affected toes, resulting in curled toes even when you’re barefooted.

Wearing high heels may also result in hammer and claw toes, which explains why women are more likely to develop such conditions.

Your risk of developing hammer and claw toes might also increase if you have a foot or ankle injury, or suffer from certain diseases like arthritis, diabetes and stroke.

Get Treated for Hammer & Claw Toes in Singapore Now

It is essential to get timely treatment for hammer and claw toes to prevent them from deteriorating and turning into permanent deformities. With proper treatment, hammer and claw toes can be fixed and corrected. If you notice any signs of hammer and claw toes, please speak to your doctor right away. Our professional team of orthopaedic specialists at Orthofoot MD Singapore will recommend the appropriate treatment for your condition.