Treatment for Repetitive Strain or Sports Injury in Singapore

Repetitive strain injuries, also known as RSI, covers a range of musculoskeletal injuries that can affect almost any movable part of the body (although this term usually refers to injuries concentrated on the hands, arms and upper body). As the name suggests, repetitive strain injuries are commonly associated with trauma caused to the body due to repeated activities. These activities can range from continuous bending of the back when doing manual labour tasks, bad postural habits from sitting in front of your computer screen the whole day, or injuries brought on by playing sports with excessive force. Research suggests that psychosocial factors such as work stress can also contribute to a worsening of RSI symptoms.

Other names for repetitive strain injuries include repetitive motion injuries, occupational overuse injuries, regional musculoskeletal disorder or upper limb disorder, among others.

Common Symptoms of Repetitive Strain Injury

Common symptoms of a repetitive strain injury include:

  • Sharp pain or dull ache (experienced most severely when doing the repetitive task)
  • Stiffness
  • Cramps
  • Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Weakness
  • Swelling from inflammation

Repetitive strain injuries can be categorised into Type 1 and Type 2 RSI. Type 1 RSI means that the injury can be recognised as a classified medical disorder such as tendonitis, tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome. Type 2 RSI usually refers to more nebulous pain and nerve damage brought about by work or sports-related activities. Regardless, both types of repetitive strain injuries should be treated sooner rather than later to prevent a worsening of the condition.

Get Treated for Repetitive Strain Injury in Singapore Now

If left untreated, repetitive strain injuries will lead to chronic pain such that even simple everyday activities like getting dressed can prove to be an extremely uncomfortable or painful experience. You will also be more susceptible to developing further, secondary injuries. Speak to our qualified orthopaedic doctors at Orthofoot MD Singapore to find a suitable treatment for your repetitive strain injury or sports injury. Book an appointment and visit our clinic today.